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Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
there will be u.n. sanctions, tougher u.n. sanctions which perhaps china will back after they did in december. militarily, it is business as usual. everyone is on high alert. but it would be highly unlikely if there was to be any action taken. >> anna, stand by, i want to get some reaction there, if there is any, from the president-elect parties, made a lot of strong statements in the leadup. i want you to stand by, we have elise on the line from the state department. is there any reaction, 11:00 p.m. here in the united states on the east coast. anything coming out of the state department yet? >> i'm speaking to sources, senior administration officials tell me the u.s. is working to confirm, i'm not sure this am coulds as a surprise, john. i was speaking to one senior official this morning, and they said a test could come at any moment i think the u.s. has been bracing for this, planning for this as we've been discussing, there's been a lot of -- kind of fooling around by north korea in terms of when the date would be just as there was when they had the rocket launch and they extended a date
Feb 18, 2013 12:30am PST
joining us. >>> up next "on the money," over came china's cultural revolution to become a star of america's >>> our entrepreneurs born or made? my next guest tells a remarkable story of innovation. she remade her own life, surviving a difficult youth in mao's china and american technology pioneer. king few is author of the memoir "bend not break." ping, great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> so pleased to be here, maria. >> the memoir is actually a page turner. we were so looking forward to ha having you. it's been quite a journey. beginning with being sent to a labor camp at age 8 where you cared for your younger sister and suffered significant abuse. tell us a bit about what it was like during china's cultural revolution. children being taken from their parents to be re-educated. can you bring us into that a bit? >> yeah. it started in 1966 when mao said we didn't need academic education. we need to learn from farmers, worker, and soldiers. so all of us got -- in the school age, didn't go to school. and the country turned into chaos. there was red guards, which are
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
-- a crisis. -- the crisis. >> in china the foreign ministry says they are firmly opposed to the third nuclear test in north korea. the have urged north korea to abide by its non-nuclear commitment. martin has traveled to the border city to gauge local reactions. >> we are here in the city, home to the largest north korean population in china. the soldiers told us that we were not allowed to film because the situation was highly tense. carrying out its third nuclear test 100 kilometers from where i am standing. >> we are near the north korean border. if there were any nuclear radiation, it would greatly affect our health. i hope that authorities can find out if it has harmed the environment. >> north korea is so poor. if the situation becomes worse, this city will be flooded with north korean refugees. >> the un security council has condemned the north korean nuclear attacks and said that they will take further action, but if new sanctions are to be introduced, they will have to employ china as the main backer. beijing will want to send a tough message to pyongyang, that this type of behavior
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 8:00am PST
, if they were particularly frightened they would have not tested in the first place. they realize china will protect them? security council. china will not enforce any sanctions that come out of this process. so the usual drill as susan rice said is not good enough. that means the united states needs to take matters in its own hands. we need to put in effect the sanctions the bush administration imposed in 2005 and unfortunately lifted prematurely in 2007 at china's behest. we have to stop north korea from selling this long-range missiles and these nuclear devices to iran. which of means we probably need our navy in waters very close to north korean shores. jon: stop leaning on the chinese to fresh sure the north koreans? >> we should do that but shouldn't rely on that as the only way. in the bush administration we really looked to china to rein in north korea, unfortunately we placed a greater emphasis integrating china into the international system than disarming north korea. we need to disarm that. we need to disarm north korea first. because we have only a limited numbers of years t
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
in our views but china. china tried very hard to keep them from doing this. so what will be very interesting in the weeks to come is what does that mean when the chinese say don't do something and they do it. >> reporter: indeed, china's position has always been that it wanted to preserve the status quo on the korean peninsula. we've learned today that china, north korea's closest ally, has now said that it is firmly opposed to north korea's nuclear test. back to you, anne-marie. >> lucy craft in tokyo, thank you. >>> tonight, president obama will call for a worldwide reduction in nuclear weapons when he delivers his first state of the union address of the second term. speaking to congress and the american people, the white house says mr. obama will focus on the economy, outlining plans to create jobs and grow the middle class. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. yeah, we're going to hear it all tonight. this is largely considered a political pep rally to many, but every word is going to be highly dissected. we w
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
not willing to do because of china. we can -- people say north korea's been sanctioned out, nothing more we can do. that's not true. in 2005 the united states put on the financial sanctions which hut north korea. we took them off in 2007, so there is a lot more than we can do. >> are you seeing changes in china. very supportive. but here is the -- an article, an editorial that ran in the china state-run newspaper "global times." if north korea insists on a third nuclear test despite attempts to dissuade it, it must pay a heavy price. we are not advocating giving up the sino/north korea friendship. but pyongyang shouldn't misread china, china won't put its relations with pyongyang above other strategic interests. that's fairly harshly worded. >> it is. a good rhetorical shift. we need china to go for tough sanctions and enforce those sanctions. right now, china has been letting the north koreans sell a lot of missile technology to the iranians, crossing over chinese territory. april 15th last year, in the big military parade in pyongyang, six chinese missile launchers sold to pyongyang. we n
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
laws. >> brown: even china, the north's lone major ally voiced its, quote, staunch opposition. it urged north korea to return to its six party talks on its nuclear program stalled since 2008 but pyongyang has continued its nuclear work despite enter smat pressure. with today's test, the country's young leader kim jong-un directly challenged other leaders in neighboring nations including south korea, japan and china. back in washington, outgoing defense secretary leon panetta warned that those countries and the uses will have to contend with, quote, rogue states for some time. >> you just saw what north korea has done in these last few weeks. the missile test and now a nuclear test. they represent a serious threat to the united states of america. we've got to be prepared to deal with that. >> steven: north korea's own public statement insisted today's test was only a first response. it said it will be additional actions to come but gave no specifics. >> brown: and i'm joined by ambassador charles "jack" pritchard, former u.s. special envoy for north korea negotiatons under president geor
Feb 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
is ringing in the new lunar year in san francisco's china town. >> and we can all celebrate the chinese new year. cooking, eating, celebrating food. family. >> reporter: and the traditional red envelopes filled with cash. >> have you gotten your red envelopes yet in >> yes, four from friends. >> reporter: groups like this are hoping to usher in the good financial fortune for the performances at the local banks. >> and that will be good luck for them and blessings and to scare away the evil spirit. >> reporter: the color of the day is red. >> and when there is red, you know, it gives everything latches here to put it away. and now that's a brand new start. >> reporter: the start of the snake. >> reporter: to be honest, they are not the most lovable animal of the zodiac and some traditional forecasters, they are predicting the economic upheaval and the political strike. >> reporter: the september 11 terror attacks fell in the year of the snake and as did the 1989 protest at the square and the bombing of pearl harbor in 1941. but the people we spoke with are not worried. >> that's all in the p
Feb 12, 2013 2:30pm PST
it a highly provocative act. even the only major ally china is expecting from opposition. from south korea, and david reports. >> in an isolated paranoid nation this was hailed as a moment of national pride. >> this proves how great our military is, even if millions of enemies is half as we will win. - attack us we will one. >> this was about half as a parable of the atom -- powerful of the atom bombs america dropped on japan. last december, north korea put a satellite into orbit. it was in defiance of u.n. resolutions and marked a major step in its reocket technology. they say they have made a nuclear bomb that may be small of to mount on the rocket. kim jong-un is barely 30 years old. some thought he might bring change to this port country. he seems to have decided nuclear bombs, not economic reform, is what will guarantee the survival of his regime. the korean peninsula was divided by war 60 years ago. south koreans reach beyond the dreams of northerners have grown used to protect and have shut them off. north korea has managed to militarize their nuclear weapons. the implications are f
Feb 10, 2013 11:30pm EST
is the highest in years there's not enough working refineries and growing demand for oil in china are huge factors. >> the price spike at the pump is the result of crude oil prices that are trading around the 95 to $97 barrel range. that's about 10% a barrel more than mid-december. >> reporter: many drivers say it's a wake-up call. >> the more expensive gas is the more interest people have of not using much. >> reporter: the average house hold had spend $3,000 on gas heen this year. that's 4% of their income. . >> an example of growing demand, the number of cars in china has tripled in the last few years. >> performances dominated the grammy awards. some of the acts wowed the crowd along with one big comeback performance. . [ singing ]. >> taylor swift kicked off the night's performances, adele took home the first award for best pop solo performance. miranda lambert, and kelly clarkson paid tribute to patty paige. >> facebook was full of comments, good bad indifferent. >>> the blast and fire that kills a worker in texas. >>> deadly drill the crew of a cruiseship in spain falls to their dea
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> the white house encouraged, martha, by the response of china to that north korean nuclear test. they believe china willing to crack down a little harder now? >> well, i think the response was somewhat muted from china, i think they expected more. they condemned the test. china tried to talk north korea out of testing a nuclear weapon but they did it. but they didn't really threaten them with any action but believe me, president obama would like to get china, china's help in this issue. >> so, tell us, again, matt, how much can the president get done tonight? how much could he put concerted pressure on this room? >> i think it's really interesting, because in terms of second term presidents, they understand that political capital is a diminishing resource. they know that two key pillars for that political capital are his inaugural address and state of the union address. those are the two most important things he can do to keep momentum moving. if he starts to lose it, it's very difficult for him to do it. that's why this speech and the inaugural, they always look at them like a package, put t
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am PST
post" reports this morning government intelligence identifies china as a main culprit in online spying directed at companies with ties to military technology, but energy, finance, and other industries have also been hacked over the past five years. senior correspondent john miller is a former fbi assistant director. john, good morning. how widespread? >> this is pretty widespread charlie. when you take an nie, national intelligence estimate this is really the consensus of all 16 intelligence agencies on a problem, so this is going to be a fairly authoritative document that's sounding the alarm that china -- well, picture this. two giant aircraft hangars full of military people who work 24/7 hacking into u.s. government databases, private corporation databases. >> you mean those are chinese hackers doing that. >> yes yes. and they're working for the government. these aren't guys doing it for entertaining. here's the difference. we do that too. all countries do that. the difference -- i think the alarm the report sounds is china does it not just for politica
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 10:00am PST
sanctions on them, the global community has sanctions, china subverts the sanctions and china is the one player that can influence north korea and china is losing patience, but ultimately when the north korean registarves its own people and dying of hunger we feed them and their hardline has to be met equally by a hardline on our side. >> alisyn: today the united nations security council is calling an emergency meeting to try to figure out what to do about this, but when asked what their response will be, ambassador susan rice says, quote, we'll do the usual drill. it sounds like you're talking about nothing. >> well, they'll try to find some way to tweak the sanctions. again, the key player isn't us. it's not all about us, even though north korea uses us to rally domestic morale, he understands, he understands. the key player in the region and certainly north korea is china. shares in north korea on one hand it doesn't want a unified korea, it doesn't want south korea to win or a u.s. ally right on its border, but on the other hand it's also getting impatient with north korea's belliger
Feb 11, 2013 5:00am PST
breaking. this is not the first rumor, it was reported in china that it would have a 1.5" display and apple has not commented. >> you need good eyesight to see that or maybe some sun would help. >> is that like a dick tracy? >> i was thinking the same thing. >> nice. >> that was 40 years ago? >> oh, my. thank you for that. >> stating that the technology, our ability to get...let's go outside before i get if more trouble. auditioning the hole. >> look at scott, scott would do that he likes to put us in the situation and watch us fizzle. we are looking down from our east bay hills camera through emeryville back to san francisco. live doppler 7 hd shows the radar and the satellite with a lack of radar return and off to a dry start but there is frost inland so want out for that. maybe some folks have the day off and going to head to the golf course. you may have to tee off an hour later so the frost can melt. you can see all the way to coast it is quiet. now, a look at the temperatures i updated at 5:00, frosty around santa rosa and 32 and a load of mid-30's inland, to 40's around fairfield, an
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
term. i will not hand out precisely when, but i say in the near term. >> a new report has found china and other countries are engaging in rampant cyber attacks against u.s. businesses and institutions for potential economic gain. according to the washington post, a national intelligence estimate warns the u.s. is "the target of a massive, sustained a spinoff campaign threatening the country's economic competitiveness." attacks from china have been the most widespread with other countries, including russia, france, and israel. the potential cost of the hacks has been estimated in tens of billions of dollars. china's attacks are at dylan with effort technology. the obama administration recently granted itself broad authority to carry out cyberattacks on other countries. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the city of los angeles is offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of christopher dorner, former lapd officer. dorner is wanted in the three recent killings targeting fellow
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
countries. they contained the most detailed accusations linking china's military to the practice of government hacking and joining us now is tom kellerman, the vice president of cybersecurity. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having mere. >> members of a sophisticated chinese hacking group are working with the chinese army. any idea what information was stolen? >> depends on the methodology widely employed in these campaigns and that basically to dispose of information after it's garnered and you're creating a thousand -- and they're colonizing and conducting reconnaissance to identify the true assets. >> and some people are like what? who was targeted as far as you know? >> l i believe that they're discussing the attacks on the media and some other organizations in occurred and they don't go in and take over the first town they see but as much infrastructure as possible to sunday out as many secrets or viable credentials as possible. >> and how worried should we be here? >> it's not just the question of u.s. and china engaged, we need to focus on the fact that there a
Feb 14, 2013 11:35pm PST
. >> entra por antartida después sobre indonesia después china viene del punto más al sur al más norte con aproximacion mínima en indonesia su paseo dará buena oportunidad de ver estas piedras pero solo con telescopios . >> todos interesan porque es la materia prima que formo los planetas también son los que trajeron la molecula de agua para que se de la vida . >> en 1908 una roca así impacto en rusia y causo daños pero no fue amenaza para la civilizacion . >> será mejor visto en asia, australia donde será de noche . >> en estados unidos pasara de día, a las 2 del este nasa dará las imágenes de australia . >> si no coopera el clima esperar 40 años . >> sino gracias por todos buenas noches . >> gracias . >> empleado en massachusetts se defiende de ladrones . >> familia de brooklyn en nueva york es ejemplo de superacion . >> el padre de adolescente celebra con lagrimas porque recibió nueva oportunidad de . >> [música] . >> el dependiente de tienda en massachusetts es experto por evitar robos, hombre le quiso robar y saco espada, el con cuchillo le dio un puñetazo . >> autob
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
to a report that china is involved in ongoing plots to hack u.s. industry. the report released today by a u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers are housed in high-rises in and around shanghai. they allegely steal vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. and it appears that this is all being done with the cooperation of the chinese military. >> the united states and china are among the world's largest cyberactors and it is vital that we continue a sustained meaningful dialogue and work together to develop an understanding of acceptable behavior in cyberspace. >> in a new book google's chairman also calls out china for cyber-attacks. china has denied the allegations and is pointing the finger instead at the united states. >>> looking for a new place to work? still ahead where hundreds of jobs are up for grabs in the bay area and will even help pay your grocery bill. >> if you did not like rain today i'll let you know when sunshine is coming back. if you did like the rainfall today, a couple of showers still in the south bay on high- d
Feb 12, 2013 1:00pm PST
. >> this is really a message for the united states. >> one thing that would get their attention and china's attention is if you give nuclear weapons to south korea and china. i think he looks like a knuckle head. >> like a nincompoop. ♪ >> we are now less than five hours away from the president's state of the union address where he'll lay out the agenda for his second term in office. and it's safe to assume that his preparations received a severe jolt this morning with the disturbing news that north korea had carried out another nuclear weapons test in violation of the united nations, and this one significantly stronger than their two previous tests. and it's in this alarming context that republicans are seeking at this very moment to stymie the president's nominee for secretary of defense. the senate armed services committee has been considering the nomination of chuck hagel for more than an hour, and all against a backdrop of republican opposition. >> with respect to chuck hagel and brennan, defense and cia just in the last week, their performance in front of the committees that have to confirm t
Feb 15, 2013 10:00am PST
that he is going to try to live up to his father's policies, rather than any kind of compromise. china not indicating yet whether -- we don't have many options if china doesn't join in terms of tougher sanctions. now from what we know at least, this was a much larger blast, and they claim we can't prove it. they claim it was a smaller device. it could mean they've made real progress on miniatureization of a warhead. >> this is very worrisome from a number of perspectives. it's certainly a provocation. i think many believe it's meant to consolidate this new young leader's power inside north korea. it puts owes a very negative trajectory. i think it's imperative that the international community does have a strong response. as you said, china is critical. china holds a lot of the cards with regard to shaping north korea's behavior and their response. >> we sent up aircraft with sensors to try to determine whether this was a uranium-fueled blast or plutonium. plutonium is the old way. uranium would be more worrying because it would increase the likelihood that they would be proliferate and
Feb 8, 2013 4:30am EST
on the students and temporary workers in their china factory. >>> and bank of america got in on this, winter storm. >>> and the blue brew is bringing it back to the singer aisle with justin timber lack. >>> and if david beckham hasn't claimed he did all the stunts for his new h & m underwear commercial, we wouldn't have to show it to you. but he did say he liked getting to do all the stunts. he said bloggers have been poring over the 30-second spot. and the verdict is becs did include use a body double. >>> check this out. a two-lane plow. plus, no snowstorm can stop the madness of the most pampered and primped pooches on the planet. the dog show comes to new york. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. >>> now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in florida where a 70-year-old woman lost control of her suv and plowed through a restaurant window just as it was getting ready to open. a very agile bartender inside was able to leap out of the way and he sustained only minor injuries. >>> in michigan one snowplow definitely sweeps away the competition. the new toy
Feb 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
with the ban. >>> to china tonight, where they're celebrating the new year. beijing's dangerous pollution levels weren't enough to dampen the fireworks right there. it's the year of snake which is not considered a positive sign among many there in china. >>> still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. so many people loved her in that movie "bridesmaids." tonight, many fans are taking a stand on something else. after a critic launched a firestorm over what he said about her. let's us know what you think when we come back. [ stefan ] with a cold or flu, nighttime nasal congestion can be the worst part. my medicine alone doesn't always give me all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion. [ stefan ] and because it's drug free, it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers. [ female announcer ] go to breathe
Feb 16, 2013 8:00am PST
struck adale with a nonprofit group to expand hours at china camp and tamales bay. the parks will see expanded hours. it was a year ago the partnership was formed to raise funds to keep china camp from being closed altogether but the effort has grown to a new size to allow today's announcement that all three parks will be operated through the partnership >>> marin state parks association took advantage of a newly passed law that put a freeze on closures after the discovery of more than $50 million the state parks department had squirrels away. today's ceremony will celebrate a new agreement with the national park service that will keep samuel t.taylor park open. >> now to home invasion robbery. it happened in noe valley. the story from reporter tomas ramon. >> there was no forced entry that we know of. >> he is the coordinator here in noe valley. he has known the victim who has lived in the house for more than 25 years. >> he has encounters with other house guests that threaten and hurt them. this is not an isolated incident. >> san francisco police are calling the incident thursday n
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> families in china host dumpling-mafking parties to celebrate lunar new year's eve. this klassic grandpa las restaurant carries on the centuries-old tradition. >> the significance is you have to make your own and you do it together. >> teach us how to make pork-filled pot stickers and a sugar-filled doe ball in soup. it's harder than it looks. >> there's a hole in it. >> will ma and her volunteers are members of a bert china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolism. >> the shaped like a crescent moon also shaped like a gold and silver ingot indicated prosperity. >> these students came for a taste of chinese culture and dumpling kwi seens. >> i want to bake them at home now. >> the new year 4711 is the year of the snake one of the zodiac animals in the lunar calendar. some say it's good for finances but others say snake years include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1941 and september 11th in 2001. some plan to slither from risk. >> move with caution just like a snake. be very cautious. >> so whenever you think of the year of the snake it doe
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
did. china is also responding to that nuclear test. >>> president barack obama gives his state of the union address at 6:00 tonight. he will talk about some of the issues he raised in his inauguration speech, immigration reform reducing gun violence and investing in education. more than anything the president is expected to talk about the economy and creating jobs. >> the president's preoccupation since he began running for office is what we need to do is raise the economy for the middle-class... >> senator marco rubio will give a response immediately after the president's speech. he will deliver it in english and spanish and that is seen by republicans to attract latino voters. >>> he will be seated near the first lady and the first lady has also invited military families and victims of gun violence. you can watch the address right here starting at 6:00. then at 7:30 we will break down the president's speech and gop response. >>> let's get everybody going, sal, how is the east shore going? >> right now traffic is busier in vallejo and also in richmond on the way to el cerrito.
Feb 8, 2013 7:00am EST
killed in the northern city of cano. others at a health center on the outskirts of the town. china has rejected charges from japan that its warships locked on to a japanese ship and helicopter last month. the alleged incident happened in the east china sea where both countries lay claim to a group of small islands. japan has summoned the chinese ambassador to tokyo to explain himself. people living in the northeastern state of america are bracing themselves for a powerful winter storm which could bring near hurricane-force winds and two feet of snow. schools in new england are being closed and more than 1,700 flights have been cancelled. it's feared there could be widespread power outages and flooding in coastal areas. and there's been an arson attack on the offices of the israeli team. the attack comes a day after four of the club's fans were charged with racial insightful -- inciteful following chanting at a recent game. tensions have been high. no one was hurt in the fire which damaged some team memorabilia inside an office. a massive police manhunt is underway in california. they'r
Feb 19, 2013 11:00am PST
of the app proved a challenge. we eventually located him in northeastern china where he was visiting. by skype he shared his reaction to finding out his app was used in an oscar nominated film. >> it's crazy. we are pretty thrilled. >> reporter: hearing about his app's connection to the film inspired him to watch "searching for sugar man." >> what did you think? >> it's quite a touching film. >> reporter: hong is a fan of the movie by beng lou is a fan of the app. nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> pretty cool stuff. cnn continues with my friend christi paul. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i want to first get you to southern california where at least three people and a gunman are dead after a chaotic shooting spree that spanned an entire county here. police blocked off this intersection near maple highway. they say they were called to at least three different shootings and car jack kings at different locations across southern california. we're learning this shooting spree came to an end when the gunman turned the gun on himself after killing at least three people. >> the
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
of hackers.targeting u.s. interests. the company dismisses china's denials that the report is 'baseless.' looking 12-story building in shanghai is actually the headquarters of the hackers. military experts believe the hacking unit is part of the people's liberation army.andunder the direct command of china's version of the joint chiefs of staff. china has long been accused of hacking and stealing trade secrets -- and has always >> catherine: masked thieves made off with 50-million dollars worth of diamonds at an airport in brussels, belgium. this is the scene.where investigators now are wondering if it was an inside job. an airport spokesman says it took 8 thieves just three minutes to grab the diamonds from the cargo hold of a plane. the diamonds were being flown to switzerland. the thieves arrived in two cars -- got past a security gate - and sped off after grabbing the diamonds. they were heavily armed - but no shots were fired. >> we are dealing with scattered showers. as we take a look at the self some snowfall. and a lightning strike and the south bay rainfall over high 101 and ne
Feb 11, 2013 2:30am EST
tens of billions of dollars. the report says china is by far the main culprit. america's energy, finance industries are targeted mostly by hackers. >>> and now a break of wild weather has slammed the south, triggering as many as 15 tornadoes. a single twist is being claimed for damaging hundreds of homes here hattiesburg, mississippi and snapping trees as well. >>> big storm bat ored the plains and upper midwest with up to a foot of snow. hundreds of cars trashed or slid off the roads yesterday. the winds created near whiteout conditions in duluth. >>> as you well know, the northeast is bigging out from a nord snowstorm over the weekend. president obama has declared a state of emergency in connecticut where the town of hamden got 40 inches of snow. after more than 6,000 flight cancellations, airports are getting back to normal. but mother nature was not kind. >> i can't imagine it. areas hit by that blizzard can now expect freezing rain this morning. >> good morning, abdrew. >> good morning. unsettled sunday. this same cold front giving us another round of showers and thundersto
Feb 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
and china. >>> and california is one of the few states that bans those exports. however, some say that ban isn't working. tonight at 11:00, a look at slaughter house pipeline and what people are doing to save slaughter houses. >>> a pipe sent chlorinated water into the creek. that leak was discovered this weekend. it took about eight hours to slow the flow because if crews did it too fast, pressure could have broken other parts of that pipeline. >> we added neutralizing chemicals to the flow to get rid of the chlorine to make it safer for the aquatic wildlife. >> though the pipe is still leaking, officials estimate 75 to 100 gallons a minute. >>> one of the big medical mysteries is why so many more kids these days are being diagnosed with autism. >> kpix5's dr. kim tells us women may be able to reduce the risk of having an autistic child by taking a supplement. >> autism is a disorder where early in life, a child's brain doesn't develop normally. a new study finds how folic acid may cut the risk of autism in half. the reduction was seen in women who used the b vitamin before or early o
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
is spared from a pulpy finish. >>> in china, a folk tradition honored the festival. molten iron heated to 1,000 degrees is thrown on to the cold bricks at the city gate creating this beautiful spark and burst of light. absolutely gorgeous. the dazzling display of these iron flashes seen by thousands is a 500-year-old ritual that ushered in the lunar new year. i feel sorry for that guy, though, right in the middle of it. >> i don't know how he does. the year of the snake. >> it is -- happy year of the snake. >> that's right. >> to you. >> not sure how i feel that. >>> it is time for a look at some of the stories making news today. in texas, chris kyle will be remembered at cowboys stadium. thousands are expected to attend a memorial service there honoring the life and sacrifice of the former navy s.e.a.l. killed last weekend at a central texas gun range. >>> former army staff sergeant clint ramouchet will be awarded the medal of honor at the white house this afternoon. he's only the fourth living service member to win the event from afghanistan. he'll be a guest of the first lady at tomorrow
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